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HTLC/LCM Adopt-A-Student program

Welcome to our HTLC/LCM Adopt-A-Student program.  This program is intended to provide a way for students and members of HTLC to form stronger relationships.  By getting to know one another better, we will come to better support one another. 


HTLC members and LCM students will get to know each other through at least 2-3 contacts each semester.  Students, as they get to know the members, will hopefully find the members to be supporters and advocates for them as they seek to live lives of faith on this campus.  Members also serve as mentors and adult friends as they adjust to life away from their home and home church.


Remembering one another at birthdays and holidays or inviting students for a meal or ice cream are just some examples of the possibilities of this program.  As students enter the University they are often adjusting and growing in their identity and this program has the potential of making a positive difference during this time. Because adjusting to college life and each new semester is difficult, the students' initial time allotment for this commitment may change; if someone becomes too busy or if matches don’t work out, we will all understand.  We also understand if an HTLC member and family over estimates their time and ability for this program.  We live by grace and forgiveness.


If interested, please fill out the appropriate student or member questionnaire form available below.  Please complete the form by September 6th.   We will let folks know by the next week-end and hopefully you can be meet one another on Sunday September 17th.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Mark. 

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