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Lutheran Campus Ministry
UNC Chapel Hill

LCM at UNC is Faith Focused, Student Lead and Congregation Supported

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Life in college can be like a rollercoaster.  Wild and exciting, but also difficult and  challenging.  LCM offers a community in  faith and a stable environment during difficult times.  We seek to help students as they encounter  increased complexities of life in academics, relationship and their faith.


  • Weekly Worship Services

  • Community Service

  • Social Activities

  • Alternative Spring Breaks

  • Weekend Excursions

  • Bible/Book Studies and Small Group Discussions

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • A Home Congregation away from Home

As  children of the same God, all people are unconditionally invited to join  Lutheran Campus Ministry and Holy   Trinity Lutheran   Church in worship,  fellowship, and ministry.  Together we  all desire to experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  While the majority of our LCM students are  Lutheran, we have active participants from other faith traditions as part of  our Christian community seeking to serve the campus of UNC, the community of Chapel Hill and the world

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