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"Building a Bridge for the Future" special spring giving appeal

Dear members and friends of Holy Trinity,

This is a letter to share with you a special opportunity to give at Holy Trinity.

First some background information and context.

In 2018 we launched the Renew 300 Campaign to renovate our Ministry Center for future ministry and outreach to our community. Within the campaign and renovations, we discerned that our building needed an elevator for members and guests who needed an elevator to get from floor to floor. The addition of the elevator and other unexpected expenses led us to taking out a Bridge Loan to complete the building renovations. In acquiring the bridge loan, it was our intent to pay it off as soon as possible. We were going to launch a campaign to retire the bridge loan in 2020, but a global pandemic broke out and we needed to focus on other important things for our congregation and community. With us finally in a “new normal”, we believe now is the time to raise money to retire the bridge loan. The retirement of this loan will help us in the continued stewardship of our buildings and the financial stability of our Congregation.

Our goal is to raise enough money to retire the current bridge loan of approximately $187,000. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to this appeal over and beyond your normal giving at Holy Trinity.

This fundraising appeal will be over the 50 days of the Easter season. The good news is that we have a family willing to match every dollar we raise up to 50% of the loan, we don’t want to miss this opportunity.

I have been asked, “What if we raise more than what we owe on the bridge loan?”

If donations exceed the goal, the extra support would help to support the replacement of capital equipment. Our “new” church building is now 15 years old and is already in need of some replacements like our HVAC system and even the roof.

We also hope money can be used beyond our walls for a local outreach organization, as well as go over and beyond our normal giving to the work and ministry of the North Carolina Synod.

Our goal is to raise enough money to retire the loan by Pentecost Sunday, May 28th. With our giving history at Holy Trinity and our track record in responding to needs, as well as consulting with a professional stewardship fundraiser, Church Council and our Stewardship and Finance ministry teams believe we can reach our goal.

Our stewardship consultant and Finance Ministry Team believe that our bridge loan retirement goal can be achieved by a gift distribution similar to:

1 gift of $93,500 (already pledged)

3 contributions over $4000

17 contributions between $1000-$3999

25 contributions between $500-$999

28 contributions between $250-$499

57 contributions between $100-$249

42 contributions less than $100

And of course, any amount you are able to contribute at this time is greatly appreciated.

Why raise this money now? For two reasons: one, the interest rate on the bridge loan is going up from 3.7% to 5.5% and we do not want to further reduce our capital reserve funds; and two, we have a family willing to match up to half of the current bridge loan balance thus inviting and inspiring the Congregation to give generously to this special 50-day appeal.

We hope that you are able and willing to give to this special appeal as we continue to build a bridge to our future together as a community of faith. Raising this money now will have a big impact in our life together and will continue to extend the reach of our Congregation now and into the future.

You can mail in your gift to the church, write in the memo “Building a Bridge Spring Appeal”, or go to our website and give directly online. Just click on the “give” tab and give to the “Building a Bridge Spring Appeal.”

As always, if you have any questions or ideas for ministry in and beyond our community, my door is always open.

Pastor Will Rose and the Stewardship Ministry Team



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