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It's About Time

Living is giving, or more specifically, giving back.

Not only are we stewards of our financial resources, we are also stewards of our most precious gift - our time. And time is the one gift over which we have little control.

We have our work, our family life, our other commitments which demand time, but

then there is the rest of our time...

The question is, “how do we use that time?”

One way to use this discretionary time is in the service of our community,

our neighborhood, and our church. These uses of time are activities that we

volunteer to do. Hopefully, these activities have an impact on other people’s

lives; they bring purpose, pleasure or solace or comfort. As Christians we believe

that our time spent in service to others can make a difference in the their

lives. And it can also make a difference in our own lives. Our greatest joy

and satisfaction often comes from things that we volunteer to do, times

when we are giving back. If you think back over your life, I’m sure you can

identify some of these experiences.

As members of a community of faith we are called to be engaged in God’s work.

We are called to respond to the needs of those around us. Our response to God's grace is to say “Yes” when opportunities present themselves.

Sometimes you might feel a little reluctance to jump in and try something new.

And yet remember that the Jesus movement developed as it did because he sent his followers out into the world to share the Good News of God’s love.

And they responded with a "yes".

I once saw a banner hanging on a church wall which has been an

inspiration and guide for me in making commitments with my time.

The banner said, “If you find yourself in a place you never thought you’d

be, doing something you never thought you’d be doing, you are

exactly where God wants you.“

Most of the time when you hear from the Stewardship Ministry Team its the time and season of discussing our ministry budget or doing a financial special appeal or campaign. As important as financial giving is, for 2024 we are seeking to be more holistic with our stewardship to explore the many ways we can be good stewards in our lives and community of faith together. Over the next few months you will hear from our ministry teams about what God is doing with us and through us as a congregation. We are asking and challenging you to be more attentive and to reflect and pray on ways you can get involved and/or support our ministry teams.

Now is the time... and what a gift that is.

Bill Johnson, Pastor Will Rose, and our Stewardship Ministry Team



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